| Alt-J | 3WW

Massive Thanks to Alt-J, BMG & Osamu Sato for letting us use LSD. We had over 700,000 views in only 3 Days.
That's BIG. 

Official Album Teaser

Artist: Alt-J
Album: Relaxer
Track: 3WW

Creative Direction and Animation: Mario Epsley

Rachel Keck -  'visual masterpiece'

Aoife Flattery 'how did they think of or put together the video'

Dominic Penna 'Not sure I've ever seen anything more trippy'

Bernice O'Reilly 'Dem visuals'

Freya Lockyer 'The binary translates to 3ww which is the name of alt-j's new song and the video is clips from the video game 'LSD dream emulator' changed using glitvh art (changing the binary code of a digital image or video clip) 

Jason Anthony Bruno 'When are you releasing this to the wild? Sounds incredible and the visuals... Well.'