| Alt-J | Adeline

Massive Thanks to Alt-J, BMG & Osamu Sato for letting us use LSD. 

Official Album Teaser

Artist: Alt-J
Album: Relaxer
Track: Adeline

Creative Direction and Animation: Mario Epsley

Salerten - ‘One of the best 5 minutes 50 seconds of autidovisual experiences. Thank you.’

TheCaptainBaker - TCS - I burst into tears watching this masterpiece.’

Mike D - ‘The unpredictability of those weird shape things... absolutely fascinating. My brain was searching for a pattern the entire time. I didn't come up with one, but somehow it made sense. Is it wrong to say I love this music video?’

T Achi - ‘Audiovisually having an orgasm’

ilovecodemonkeys - 'Is this what higher dimension beings see when they looks at us? Perceiving time frame by frame but able to scroll it across'